Suzu Saien

Voiced by: Aki TOYOSAKI 豊崎愛生



Chief of the science/special investigation-club and major troll. Since she thinks of Kaizou as interesting, she supports his believe of having become a cyborg and trolls him even more into it. Suzu also often is the first person to know that something happens.
She's in the third grade of Torauma High School but never graduates.


Suzu has light brown medium-long hair. Her eyes are depicted as green on color pics.


Spelled as 彩園すず (SAIEN Suzu) in Japanese. Her family name literally means "colored garden", saien also seems to be a pun on the word "Science". Suzu can have several meanings but here most probably means "tin".


Nothing is known about them.
Chitan once tries to follow Suzu home but ends up climbing Mt. Everest after losing track of her.


Suzu once was part of an idol duo.
She holds several suspicious part-time jobs.

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