We Lose And Don T Profit

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Responsible for Explanation

A spoof on the many press conferences of Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano after the (earthquake-caused) incident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. It could also be a spoof on a TEPCO-conference on March 15, of which the broadcast got cancelled right in the middle after journalists started to ask too many unpleasant questions.

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"like Naoto Kan"

Naoto Kan, Japanese prime minister, often says stuff on impulse without really thinking about it.

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"Girls Next Gore"

Girls Next Door (as explained in the "editor's note") is a real Japanese girl unit. Gore could be a spoof on either the Gore-genre or on Al Gore.

"My Daddy was the diplomat of a country I'd never heard of"

Honestly reminds me of Pippi Longstocking whose father is somewhat like a king (and diplomat) on the Island of Kurrekurredutt.

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Aconitum Herbal Tea

Aconitum can be used as a sedative and if not dosed properly, be deadly. It's murderer's drug of choice in several detective Manga.

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publication meant to match release date

The first Katte ni Kaizou OVA was originally planned to be released on April 27 but got postponed after the Tohoku Earthquake.

stomping with shoes still on

I guess everybody knows this, but just in case: In Japan you do not enter anything but the entrance hall of other people's houses or flats with your shoes. You take them off there and wear either slippers (in normal western-styled rooms and the toilet) or only stockings (in rooms with Tatami) in the other areas of the house.

Japan filled with self-restraint

After the Tohoku earthquake. E.g. when celebrities twittered things like "I went for a walk", a lot of people would comment with sentences like "think of the poor earthquake victims".

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guy in the school pool

Looks like Maeda~~

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"It's level 7"

The level the Fukushima incident got on the INES scale.

Toupee slipping off

The guy is Hidehiko Nishiyama, a government spokesman who apparently wears a hairpiece.

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Despair List

Prime Minister's Inspection

Prime Minister Kan went to Tohoku (and dat power plant) after the big quake.

Making a movie out of an old famous manga

-> Space Battleship Yamato

AC's commercial

Most probably this one. Its purpose is to inform women about cervix cancer check-ups. Some people felt pretty annoyed when this commercial was broadcasted a lot after the quake.

Mineral water that tastes like tangerines

After the quake, normal mineral water often was out of stock and what remained was that kind of stuff.

Kan's full blog

here it is

Onitsuka Chihiro's new character

Onitsuka Chihiro is a singer. On April 19, she appeared on the program "Yajiuma TV" looking like a drag queen (despite of NOT being one Oo)

Extremely Small Konnyaku Zeri

In 2007 and 2008 so it seems, there were many cases of people suffocating because of Konnyaku Zeri. The consequence of this was making the Zeri smaller and placing warnings that children and old people aren't to eat it on the packaging.

Papaya Suzuki

Papaya Suzuki is a dancer. In order to appear on the Japanese soap opera Tenchijin, he lost more than 30 kilos of weight O_o

Rebounding Abu Saki

Abu Saki is an actress who plays the main role in the Drama serious "Rebound".

Cornerin Rice

After the quake.

New Edition

The reprint edition of Katte ni Kaizou. I buy it though.

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In Heaven and on earth, I am the only one who loses

jap. Tenjou Tenge Yuiitsu Boku Son 天上天下唯一僕損, a pun on Tenjou Tenge Yuigadokuson 天上天下唯我独尊, a phrase said to be said by Shakyamuni Buddha after his birth. It's usually translated as "In Heaven and on earth, I am the one and only".

Brazen Bull

See here

A Girl who uses "Boku"

is usually not acceptable. There are girls who use this, but it doesn't count as normal (except if it's inside a song). There are several anime girl characters who refer to themselves as "boku".

"I use "ore"! I never say "boku"!"

Oh yes you do. A whole lot that is. In fact, Kaizou can be seen using all three usual ways for men to refer to themselves (i.e. "boku", "ore" and "watashi") in the series and "boku" is the one he certainly uses the most. BUT(!) usually in Kumeta's works, "boku" and "ore" are written in Katakana as ボク and オレ, while here the Kanji for boku (僕) is used. So Kaizou really never uses this because he never uses the Kanji in his bubbles :D

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"Mii also doesn't say boku."

He does, but especially later in the series, Chitan uses "ore" a whole lot more.

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