Nozomu Itoshiki
Name Nozomu Itoshiki
Birthday November 4th
First Appeared in Chapter 1
Episode 1

Voiced by: Hiroshi KAMIYA 神谷浩史
The (often) despaired main character of this series.



While 糸色 (Itoshiki) seems like an ordinary Name at first sight and 望 (Nozomu) seems like a fine first name (it literally means "hope", "wish" or "full moon"), there's a shocking twist if the characters 糸 and 色 are squezed together - the result: 絶, which means "to cut off" or "to discontinue". Together with 望 you get the word 絶望 (zetsubou) - "Despair".
Another pun hidden in the family name might be that Itoshiki is a sound-alike to the word 愛しき which means "dear" or "beloved" - and we all know what a dear person Sensei is to most of his female students.



Hiroshi Itokshiki
Tae Itoshiki


Enishi Itoshiki
Kei Itoshiki
Mikoto Itoshiki
Rin Itoshiki


Majiru Itoshiki


Nozomu never wears the same Kimono two chapters in a row.

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