Nami Hitou
Name Nami Hitou
Birthday January 23
Student Number No. 27
First Appeared in Chapter 10
Episode Zoku 1 (introduction episode, appeared earlier)

Nami Hito is a girl who is normal in every way. There's nothing special about her.


Nami Hito is a remarkably normal girl. So normal, in fact, that she often tries to bring attention to herself (in the normal ways, of course). She's often valued by her classmates as being the most normal student in the class, a fact that she resents. Her catchphrase seems to be "Don't say normal!" (普通っていうな! futsuu te iuna!) She sometimes goes to somewhat extreme lengths for attention, such as becoming a truant, wearing unnecessary bandages, or attempting to fake a suicide attempt (only to be interrupted by a failing Nozomu suicide attempt already in progress).



Nami's parents haven't appeared in the manga.


Nami appears to be an only child.


Ryouko SHINTANI 新谷良子


In chapter 55, Nami mentions that the manga is so unpopular that she's the main character. This is most likely an in-joke back to the proposal for the series, in which Nami was a truant who fell in love with a boy who secluded himself within the school.

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