Miko Nezu
Name Miko Nezu
Birthday — —
Student Number No. 26
First Appeared in Chapter 158
Episode —

Voiced by: — —
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A merchant girl and close friend of Shouko Maruuchi


She and Shouko are partners, who try to sell various (and questionable) thing for the sake of profit.
Sometimes they scam people (usually Sensei).
For some reason, they always have the right product up in their sleeves for the right situation.
Always appears together with Shouko.
Member of an Idol group (needs confirmation, my memory is kinda blurry right now)


Her name (根津 美子, Nezu Miko) is a pun on nezumi-kō (ネズミ講?, "pyramid scheme")


List of things they sell:
- Ice
- Tuna
- Zetsubou-sensei robot (Magazine subscription)
- Various Akiba goods
- Dakimuras with herbs printed on
- Other Dakimuras
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