Marii Buratei
Name Marii Buratei

Name Joke

In Japanese order, Marii's name is written as Buratei Marii 蕪羅亭魔梨威, which seems to be a pun on the cocktail "Bloody Mary". The tei 亭 is frequently used in the stage names of Rakugoka.
Literally, her name means something like turnip-silk-arbor-demon-nashi-authority.


  • Although Marii frequently talks in Edo-ben, the dialect of downtown-Tokyo, she's originally from Tokushima (a city on Shikoku in south-western Japan).
  • Marii's voice actress on the Joshiraku Drama CDs is Kana Asumi (known for example as Popura in Working!! or Yuno in Hidamari Sketch)
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