Majiru Itoshiki
Name Majiru Itoshiki
Birthday — —
First Appeared in Chapter 27
Episode —

Voiced by: Akiko YAJIMA 矢島晶子
Nozomu's premature nephew


Majiru first appears mistaking Nozomu for his father Enishi (Nozomu's oldest brother) on the open street. Where he's come from and why he is there, is unknown. Nozomu then notices Majiru to be his small nephew whom he hasn't seen since his birth and takes him in.
Despite being only five years old, it not only seems that Majiru can already read perfectly, but also that he's pretty premature since he's a fan of and in love with several female idols whose magazines he buys.
Majiru can mostly be seen with Kiri Komori whom he also seems to have a crush at.



Enishi Itoshiki

Aunt and Uncles

Rin Itoshiki
Nozomu Itoshiki
Mikoto Itoshiki
Kei Itoshiki


Hiroshi Itoshiki
Tae Itoshiki


Majiru gains several traumata from terrible experiences with the students of class 2-F

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