KK 48: Last Weapon vs. Kaizou

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As Incomplete Geniuses…

This is a parody of the beginning of "Fist of the North Star".

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Oshare means "fashionable". It was left as Oshare here because it's his name. He also appears as SZS as a background character.

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Genius Cram School's Genius Temple Seminar House

Genius Temple in japanese was written as 天才寺 (tensaiji), a sound-alike to the word 天才児 (tensaiji – Wunderkind)

Mr. Mirano Mario

Jap. Mirano is a spoof on Milano I guess

Sengoku Period

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sengoku_period

Military Commanders and Warm Water

What he describes here is a scene of the comic “Hana no Keiji”, that is a fictional version of the life of Maeda Keiji, a famous Samurai from the Sengoku Period.

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Lazy Trophy

The jap. Read “Doraemono”, obviously a spoof on Doraemon (regarding the picture he draws)

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The school that's being aimed at/targeted

狙われた学園 (Nerawareta Gakuen – the school that's being aimed at) is the name of a popular drama series.


In Japanese, he used the word 激レア (gekirea). I googled that and found out, it's mostly used to express that something is really great or exciting. If you know another NOT(!) usual and jargon-word, go with that. I found wikkid on urban dictionary… :D

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A female idol group that was pretty popular around the time when this chapter was published

Turn A

∀ Gundam (Turn A Gundam), the Gundam Series that was on air when this chapter was published.

Carrier Man

Jap. 伝書人 (denshobito), a pun on 伝書鳩 (denshobato), a carrier pigeon

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A red bike

The Post of Japan uses the color red (as opposed to the US's blue.)

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Sorry, Nobunaga

Oda Nobunaga, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oda_Nobunaga

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Welcome to Kabuki-chou

Kabukichou is a part of Shinjuku, Tokyo with lots of bars and also a redlight-district. It might be hard for animals to reach it because it's too crowded ;)

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