Kiri Komori
Name Kiri Komori
Birthday — —
Student Number No. 23
First Appeared in Chapter 3
Episode 2

A hikikomori who has secluded herself within the school.


At first a Hikikomori, Sensei and Kafuka make her leave the house only to find out that she's now closing herself up in the school.
At first, Kiri pops up in random lockers and rooms, but when Nozomu himself has to move into the school's nightwatch-room, she moves in with him, sleeping in his closet, usually doing all the housework just like a wife. Kiri can often be seen with Majiru who she cares for like a mother or big sister.
The three of Nozomu, Kiri and Majiru are sometimes depicted eating breakfast or dinner together just like a typical family.


Written in Kanji as 小森霧 (Komori Kiri). Her family name literally means "small forest", while her first name means "fog".
The name is a pun on the word 籠りきり (komorikiri), which can be used to describe a reclusive person.
Interestingly, komori written as 子守 means "babysitter", which somehow describes what Kiri is to Majiru.



Kiri's father only showed up in her introduction chapter, trying to persuade her to talk to Nozomu and Kafuka. Possibly dead or homeless. (see Trivia)



Asuka TANII 谷井あすか


Kiri is referred to as a zashiki-warashi by Kafuka. A few chapters later, Kafuka mentions that after Kiri left, her house was destroyed (possibly by Kafuka herself).

Has an intense romantic rivalry with Matoi Tsunetsuki

The fact that Kiri never leaves school seems to have been carried over from an early version of the series (the proposal script) in which one of the main characters was a boy who never left school.

Kiri's blanket is always the same one, although she changes the pattern on it from time to time.

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