Kanako Oora
Name Kanako Oora
Birthday — —
Student Number No. 16
First Appeared in Chapter 54
Episode Zan 6

Voiced by: Ayahi TAKAGAKI 高垣彩陽
A very open minded girl.


Rarely appearing, she's an invidual who really doesn't mind anything.
Like people asking to cover her house full with political posters, or casually entering the classroom after a bloodbath.
Daydreams a lot and seems to have no worries whatsoever.


She wears a very bushy ponytail, which is fixed on the upper head with a large red ribbon.
The front part of her haircut is a mess, unlike chiri's hairstyle.

Her school uniform has bigger sleeves than usual, in which she keeps her buried.
The zipper on the side of her skirt is always open, and her panties usually visible because of that.



(She has a spouse? -GT)


- Fans usually compare her to Osaka from the Azumanga series
- She actually appeared in chapter 54 before her offical introduction. Her name was used for a pun.

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