Kagero Usui
Name Kagero Usui
Birthday December 24
Student Number No. 3
First Appeared in

Episode —||

Voiced by: Youji UEDA 上田燿司 (a.k.a. 上田陽司, reading is the same)



In Japanese, the name is written as 臼井影郎 (USUI Kagerou) - the first name spelled like this has a strange meaning already, as it means "Shadowman". On top of that, Kagerou spelled as 蜉蝣 is a mayfly (those who die after a day) which also is a symbol for ephemerality.
Usu 臼 means mill-stone.


Not much known about his parents, but the fact that they at first didn't notice their baby was there after birth.
Kagerou has a smaller brother named Taiki, who's introduced as a student of Kaere-sensei.


Has a major crush on Abiru.

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