Kafuka Fuura
Name Kafuka Fuura
Birthday — —
Student Number No. 14
First Appeared in Chapter 1
Episode 1


Overly positive troll. Almost perpetually happy (or seemingly so), Kafuka provides the counterweight to Nozomu's despair. In later chapters, she evolves into a god-tier troll, which usually sets Chiri off in a fit of violence.


Her name is a pen name and it is indeed a literature-related pun. Fuura Kafuka 風裏可符香 seems like an odd abbreviation/japanization of the name Franz Kafka.
Her last name 'Fuura' can also be literally translated to something like "other side of the wind" - and Kafuka is a kind of "other side". Not only is she overly positive, thus being an "other side" to Sensei, she also seems to be one of the few if not the only girl who's not in love with him.
There also is a rumour that Kafuka's true name is An AKAGI, which would be a pun on "Akage no An" 赤毛のアン (red-haired Ann), the Japanese name of the novel "Ann of Green Gables". This might even be true, since in chapter 178, a board on which test results are announced can be seen. The name "Fuura Kafuka" is missing on it, but there is written "Akagi An".




In the first chapter, we learn that her father has attempted to hang himself, or as Kafuka puts it, "making himself taller". Currently unemployed


In chapter 7, we learn that Kafuka's mother has been exorcised after breaking down in speaking in hellish languages. Possibly dead.


In chapter 29, Kafuka mentions she has an older brother, who has graduated high school, but is currently a NEET. She also has an older sister who is hopeless in matters of romance.





Kafuka believes in an alien race called the Porororoka, and has sent out communications with them multiple times, one time even going as far to build a landing strip for their UFOs.

She has probably attempted to kill Nozomu several times, and even baits her classmates into doing the job for her. She has 'accidentally' pushed him onto railroad tracks in front of an oncoming train, given him poisoned curry, and several of her counterpoints to Nozomu's rants end up creating murderous rage/jealousy among her fellow schoolgirls.

She also has a number of disguises, such as a college student who lives next door to Nozomu, and a girl who goes to a school down the street from the school Nozomu teaches at.

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