Joshi Chapter 13


The Japanese title is しりとてちん Shiri to Techin, which is a play on ちりとてちん Chiri to Techin, a well-known comic rakugo story from Kyoto about a dish of rotten tofu that is passed off as a "specialty of Nagasaki". It was also the title of a 2007 NHK drama involving a young rakugo-ka not entirely dissimilar to our Joshi cast. Shiri refers to the buttocks/behind, hence later events. Our translator took some license with the title, it's not really translatable… "Ass and Techin" would be the direct translation.

Published August 09, 2010.

Page 3

Panel 1

You may note the Masked Rakugo-ka in the corner, but Maeda-kun also makes an appearance between Kigu-chan and the first dialog bubble. The rest of the audience are the pagans from chapter 5…

Page 5

Panel 2

Two of the "round-shaped characters" are Sgt. Frog and Doremon, dunno the last one though…

Panel 5

Koala-loving character Miharu Tatebayashi in the dating sim "Tokimeki Memorial".

Page 5

Panel 1

TV is showing "Black Rock Shooter"; Toradora figure on the shelf.

Page 8

Panel 8

This is a reference to the infamous Kumeta ecchi pictures that appeared on the flyleaf pages of the Go!! Southern Ice Hockey Club! tankōbons that haunt us to this day…

Page 13

Panel 1

They're singing a parody of the children's song 「赤い靴」"Red Shoes".
"A girl in red shoes/was taken away by a foreigner"

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