Joshiraku Chapter 10


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Tetora is playing the national instrument of Japan, the 13-string "koto". Here is
a link to a video of a koto ensemble playing an arrangement of the Tool song "Lateralus":

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The "May Blues" is another rerun here from SZS…this is a cultural thing in Japan, and
refers to the let-down that new college freshmen and college grads entering their first real job
experience when they realize that they are just starting another long project…since the school year
in Japan begins in April, this generally hits after a month or so…


Reference to USMC Futenma base on Okinawa relocation issue former PM Hatoyama
announced would be "decided by May" in 2010 and which instead was postponed.

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Mei and Satsuki are the two little girls in the Ghibli film "My Neighbor Totoro". Mei = May
and Satsuki is the name of the fifth month in the old lunisolar calendar.

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This is from a funny story Kumeta tells about his assistant Maeda-san having some dream while
taking a nap in the office that Kumeta had hired another assistant named 'Yamashita' and bursting in
on Kumeta after waking up and telling him he would quit if he kept this guy Yamashita…

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Pinch: this is from the game 'Yume Nikki', where you press 9 on the numeric keypad to pinch
the character's cheek to awaken from a dream. [Masada: thank you based kumeta for this reference]


"Inkin" refers to a ringworm infection of the groin (-_-)

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Crossdressing: This is a reference to Joshi Ch. 7


I have clue what this is supposed to mean, and neither does Kumetan wiki. "Kedama" means
a furball/lintball, as in sweater pills. I think it's a reference to testicles from the context.


Eraser corners: KK reference, Chitan is frequently accused of this.


Storm Door: Kumetan note is that this is Kumeta-sensei poking fun at himself, apparently his
front door could use some repairs…


Alice lyrics: 70s Japanese band headed by Shinji Tanimura, who is best known for the song "Subaru"
which is a karaoke staple in Japan. Kumeta has referenced Tanimura multiple times, in SZS 146
for example.

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"Silver hand: Game item in "Romance Saga 3" which unlike others, could persist outside of a dream sequence.

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