Hajime Kuji And Taku Gojiki

The head of the "There Are Roughly X Things To Do Department", Hajime Kuji, and his assistant Taku Gojiki are civil servants whose job is to create useless work to keep bureaucrats busy.

They make their appearance in Chapter 185 by kidnapping Abiru Kobushi, who they see as a genius at creating useless work due to her clumsiness.


If 久慈一 (Kuji Hajime) and 護敷卓 (Gojiki Taku) are read together, it becomes 九時始め、五時帰宅 (kuji hajime, goji kitaku), meaning 'Start at 9 am, go home at 5 pm', the typical working hours for a civil servant.


These two characters may have been designed not by Kumeta, but by his assistant Maeda.

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