Chitan Tsubouchi

Voiced by: Chiwa SAITOU 斎藤千和



Chitan attends the same class as Kaizou, Umi and Yamada and is part of the science/special investigation club. He's a big fan of trains and owns a big amount of train models.
Kaizou thinks of Chitan as an underling who has to serve him, which is why he makes several "underling-suits" for Chitan and mostly treats him like a piece of crap. Chitan is also bullied by another guy named Yoshikawa who has him go buy bread for him. Despite being an underling though, Chitan is often depicted as being pretty sly and mischievous.
In later chapters, he is often shown as a kind of broken character and a disgusting sight, being unshaved, having wet his pants or residing in a box (similar to the original Tarou Sekitusu from SZS)
Over the run of the series, Chitan also grows significantly smaller in size.


Written in Kanji as 坪内地丹 (Tsubouchi Chitan). His last name is written with the characters for tsubo, a measuring unit being about 3.3 square meters and uchi 内 meaning "inner". The first name is written with Chi 地, meaning "ground" (fits if you consider him being an underling…) and tan 丹, which means "red" but is also used as a suffix for the names of pills and other medicine stuff.
Chitan is also a pun on the metal Titanium, which in Japanese is called Chitan チタン (from German "Titan").


He has a twin-brother named Satan 砂丹 who goes to a different high school at first but to the same as everybody else later. Satan is sometimes shown in strange somewhat BL-shipping situations with Kaizou.
Chitan and Satan also have a younger sister named Botan 牡丹 who's in middle school. While Chitan grows smaller in size (in one chapter he is shown to be the size of an owl) and definitely "uglier" over the course of time, his siblings as well as his parents become a lot more good-looking.


Chitan works parttime at a family restaurant, where he acts completely different from usual.
He possesses a driving license for motorbikes.
Spoilers (highlight to read):
Chitan later also becomes a stalker and stalks his co-worker Arumi.
On top of that, he acts terribly towards his mother, hitting and insulting her all the time.
In later chapters, Chitan's hairline is shown to be receding, though this is usually caused by Umi.

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