Chiri Kitsu
Name Chiri Kitsu
Birthday June 15
Student Number No. 20
First Appeared in Chapter 1
Episode 1

Voiced by: Marina INOUE 井上麻里奈
A girl who demands everything to be proper, precise and in order.


Like said above, she's very precise and proper about nearly everything.
She often tries to set things violently and is usually using very cruel and forceful methods.
Only person to be known to frequently kill people, especially individuals who upset her.
Very knowlegable in areas that revolve around violent international historical events.
Due to her behavior she's usually treated like the class rep, even though it's suppose to be Usui's job.


Her name (木津 千里 Kitsu Chiri) turns into (きっちり/kicchiri) after turning the "tsu" into a small "tsu".
(きっちり/kicchiri) means punctually; on the dot; precisely.



Chiri's Father
Chiri's Mother


Tane Kitsu (Older Sister)


- Knows Harumi Fujiyoshi since childhood.
- Can summon a third eye which can appearently observe the entire world and see into the past/future (needs confirmination)
- Her weapon of choice is a spade (pun explanation plz!)

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