Chie Arai
Name Chie Arai
Birthday — —
First Appeared in Chapter 2
Episode 1

Voiced by: Akiko YAJIMA 矢島晶子


The school-counselor whose services are mostly used by Nozomu instead of students. She also seems to suffer from some psychological conditions herself, such as certain compulsive-obsessive disorders.
Her age is unknown, though she claims to be "perfectly in her twenties".


Written in Japanese as 新井智惠 (ARAI Chie). Her last name is written with the characters for "new" and "(a) well", while her first name literally means "wisdom". The last name could also be read as Nii, which would make the full name read "NII Chie", which in Katakana (ニーチエ) looks perfectly alike to the Katakanization of German philosopher Nietzsche (ニーチェ). Kumeta even triggers this connection by placing Nietzsche's famous "god is dead"-quote in Chapter 151 only a short while before Chie appears.




Kumeta has also been writing Chie's first name as 智絵 in some chapters.

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