Ai Kaga
Name Ai Kaga
Birthday — —
Student Number No. 18
First Appeared in Chapter 55
Episode 12

Voiced by: Saori Gotō 後藤沙緒里
She's known for having a guilt complex.


Ai is a shy, insecure girl who constantly apologizes for trivial matters and things she didn't even do.
She frequently(?) comes late to class (which results in apologizing), but also comes very early to appointments.
Seems to work part-time at a weatherstation for a local TV-station. Usually seen outside with an umbrella when it's raining, for various reasons.
Confirmed for being bi-polar (etc.)


Kaga Ai (加賀 愛) is a play on the word Kagai (加害) which means "harm; assault; violence; damaging (someone)".
This refers to her guilt complex about doing harm to others.


She has medium long hair, which she fixes to a very small ponytail and 2 long bangs.
She has a mole under her left Eye. When outside she usually wears a coat in the cold seasons.

Hides often in the background behind objects, but is usually seen normally outside as well.
Because of circumstances, she's often drawn bending over because she apologizes so much.


- Introduced in Chapter 55 (Manga) and in Episode 12 of the Season 1 (Anime)
- Currently the #1 most popular character in the series

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