Abiru Kobushi
Name Abiru Kobushi
Birthday September 17
Student Number No. 22
First Appeared in Chapter 5
Episode 4

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小節あびる (Kobushi Abiru) with the insertion of the particle wo, becomes 拳(を)浴びる (Kobushi wo abiru), meaning "a flurry of punches", a reference to her alleged domestic abuse.



Abiru's father may have been the leader of a Japanese special forces unit, the Desert Crushers. It is said that a single member of this unit could decimate a platoon with a single volume of Kimagure Orange Road.

Abiru's parents are divorced.



Yuuko GOTOU 後藤邑子


Abiru has a tail fetish, and the walls of her room are covered with trophy tails. She also works part-time at the zoo, mostly with the tiger Reinbach, who causes most of her injuries when the two play. Most people (very wrongly) think the injuries she gets are the result of domestic violence by her father. She has stated on occasion that sometimes she wears bandages just to get attention.

When she was little, she also suffered an injury that she says required an eye transplant, resulting in Heterochromia iridum.

Abiru is also somewhat clumsy and absent-minded, and can be seen frequently falling or knocking stuff over. Her "ability" to increase the workload of those around her led to her abduction in Chapter 185 by a government agency whose job is to increase the workload of civil servants.

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